Case Studies

Hampton Inn (Florida)
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Green Lodging Energy was selected as the vendor of choice to implement a complete Network Thermostat Energy Management  System with the objective of improving customer comfort and convenience while reducing costs, lowering maintenance effort and streamlining management monitoring and control over the property.
The process involved a detailed review of the properties requirements in order for GLE to specify the ‘best fit’ system from the cost/benefit  matrix analysis we have developed of the major hardware and software products available on the market today. With our experience in a variety of implementations of both wired and wireless technology we agreed with the client on a installation plan that maximized benefit, reduced  cost, and kept inconvenience to a minimum.
In this case, specific challenges for Florida built hotels include extreme humidity conditions, but GLE has completed many projects in this environment, as well as many northern properties where the opposite is the case.  GLE always takes the customers business needs as our first consideration and recommendation of their specific solution!