How long will it take to pay for the system?
Most systems payback in 24 to 36 months. We do have an account in mid Florida slated for a one year return on investment and  closer to three years may be the case if you are mid-country with less heat and cool days.

How does the system save money?
The system saves money only in the absence of the guest. The guest always has complete control of their temperature settings when they are in the room.
Will we notice a drastic temperature change returning to the room?
No, the systems only vary temperatures minimally in degrees (large in savings) that go virtually unnoticed to the guest.  
How do you verify the savings?
The systems produce a variety of reports where specific HVAC data, cost of kWh and other criteria are entered in for verifiable reports and charts.
What happens when a guest is sleeping?
Systems of the past dealt with hard wire and usually a door switch. Years ago you would hear of the systems going into savings mode while the guest was in bed. There were multiple points of failure with those antiquated systems. Today, we’ve eliminated all the issues and with wireless technology there have been many additional algorithms built into the thermostats resolving this issue completely.
What else can the system be used for?
The system will integrate with many room amenities, such as door locks, mini-bars, draperies and any future product . Also, housekeeping always knows if a room is occupied or not. You can select alerts to warn staff of possible issues before a guest call to the front desk and so much more!
Why should we add the network?
This demonstation of our virtual engineer -- perhaps one of the most important videos you will ever watch to improve your business profitability-- will show you inside our network portal that you can use to notify staff of heating and cooling functionality, enable them to assist guests with settings and control remotely.  It also gives housekeeping an accurate report on guest room occupancy every minute! Please click to view in YouTube, less than eight minutes long.
How does an EMS extend equipment life?
It is extended by decreasing run time dramatically which extends equipment life substantially.
How can energy management protect furniture and fixtures?
During extremely cold conditions, monitoring room temperatures can alert staff before freezing temperatures can allow pipes to freeze. When rooms are left unmonitored during warmer months, humidity can cause damage to wood, furniture, fixtures and drywall through mold and mildew.
Does your company offer a service warranty?
Yes! Not only are our products guaranteed by the manufacturer, but we often offer free on site maintenance contracts for two full years assuring constant communication and assistance with our team post sale 24/7.